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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501200419
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-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501201348
40.42€ 43.00€
Ex Tax:32.60€
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501201331
27.26€ 29.00€
Ex Tax:21.98€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280425607
ARS Branch Saw With Blade Length 18cm..
Ex Tax:12.42€
Brand: ARS Model: 0041316
ARS JG-3 Saw Stand..
Ex Tax:7.26€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280428608
Branch Saw ARS CAM-24LN 24cm..
Ex Tax:16.85€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 5204396770096
Double Hook Jigsaw BENMAN 77009..
Ex Tax:23.38€
Garden saw Xtract™ SW73 160mm
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501238702
The Gardener's Saw SW73 is a very efficient tree felling saw specially designed to cut green branches and trunks. This is the smallest of the Xtract™ saws and has a blade length of 160mm with the ability to saw where a long-handled pruner can't reach, but also efficiency on the smallest cutting surf..
34.78€ 37.00€
Ex Tax:28.05€
Pruning saw Professional SW 330
--32 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501233301
Pruning saw Professional SW 330 by Fiskars• Extremely light• Professional quality blades made of Carbon Steel SK5 (carbon steel)• With ergonomic SoftGrip handle• With transport and protection case• Replacement blade availablePruning saw Professional SW 330Model:WOOD PREPARATIONAdditional information..
72.38€ 54.90€
Ex Tax:58.37€
Pruning saw UPX86, UPX82
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501150165
The saw head attachment for the Fiskars UPX86 and UPX82 pruners helps to cut thicker branches at a great height.• For sawing branches with a diameter of up to 80mm.• Polished, quality steel blade.• Hollow blade makes sawing easier.• Adjustable sawing angle.• Strong spindle attachment mechanism.• Mou..
43.24€ 46.00€
Ex Tax:34.87€
Saw with fixed blade 33cm SW84
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501238405
The Fiskars 33cm SW84 Fixed Blade Saw is the best wood saw for cutting up to 150mm thanks to its highly efficient tooth profile that allows fast and precise sawing. Its comfort in the hand is guaranteed thanks to the ergonomic SoftGrip™ handle. Like other saws in this category, the fixed blade saw c..
62.98€ 67.00€
Ex Tax:50.79€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561203695
Wood Saw STANLEY Sharpcut 38cm STHT20369-1 Saw suitable for cutting materials such as soft wood, laminate, moldings, decorative trims and dowels. The thickness of the blade at 0.85 millimeters reduces its flexibility for better control. Induction hardened teeth stay sharp longer. Features a two-mat..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561203701
STANLEY Sharpcut Wood Saw 45cm STHT20370-1 Double-cut saw suitable for cutting materials such as softwood, laminate, mouldings, decorative trims and dowels. Induction hardened teeth stay sharp longer...
Ex Tax:8.39€
Xtract™ SW72 Builder's Saw 160mm
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501238603
Although the SW72 builder's saw is designed to the same specifications as other Xtract™ saws, this saw has finer teeth for cutting timber joists and boards. A very handy little saw which, like the other saws in the Xtract™ range, has a handy belt clip which retracts when the saw is in use. The SoftG..
34.78€ 37.00€
Ex Tax:28.05€
Xtract™ SW75 255mm saw
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501238801
The SW75 garden saw is a very efficient tree cutting saw specially designed to cut green branches and trunks. The largest of the Xtract™ saws, it features a 255mm long blade, with a large sawing capacity of up to 220mm, which cuts in the direction of pull. In addition, the SoftGrip™ handle ensures a..
48.88€ 52.00€
Ex Tax:39.42€
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