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ARS Branch Saw With 18cm Blade Length CAM-18LN
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280425607
ARS Branch Saw With Blade Length 18cm..
Ex Tax:12.58€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280651600
ARS CB-9 Pruning Shears ARS CB-9 Pruning Shears have an overall length of 225mm. Its blade is made of hardened Japanese steel, this ensures that the scissors will not rust. It is equipped with a safety lock that allows it to be used with one hand. The scissors are extremely light, only 230gr and a..
Ex Tax:24.03€
Brand: ARS Model: 0041316
ARS JG-3 Saw Stand..
Ex Tax:7.26€
ARS VS-8XZ Branch Shears
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679383
ARS VS-8XZ Branch Shears Features: -Cutting diameter: 22mm -Ergonomic handle -Intelligent locking mechanism -Blade: steel (blades are treated with hard chrome plating for resistance to rust/corrosion) -Weight: 220gr..
Ex Tax:24.92€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679512
ARS VS-9XZ Branch Shears..
Ex Tax:25.48€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280428608
Branch Saw ARS CAM-24LN 24cm..
Ex Tax:16.85€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679390
ARS VS-8R Branch Shears With Swivel Handle Hand-held pruning shears with a curved blade and aluminum handles, suitable for shrubs, flowers, thin branches as well as light gardening work in the garden and terrace. The scissors are equipped with a safety clip. Features: -Total length of scissors: 20..
Ex Tax:29.03€
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