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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560898601
160MM STANLEY 0-89-860 Miter Cutter -Multiple Uses - Industrial, Construction, Automotive and DIY -Durability and Longevity - Heat Treated Forged Chrome Alloy Steel -Polished Head - FatMax handles resistant to the most common chemicals -Compliant with all DIN, ISO and ANSI standards -Ergonomic - Pr..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 1001162
Angle Grinder STANLEY FMEG225VS 1100W 1250mm Adjustable -Powerful 1,100W motor for demanding applications -Variable speed control via a dial (speed setting), which offers more flexibility in different applications and in different materials - Disc diameter 125mm. -Smooth start-up of the tool, givin..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561723353
Backpack Tool Bag Black M35xW16xH44cm. STANLEY STST1-72335 -Backpack for easy tool transportation -600 x 600 denier fabric that ensures you great durability -Detachable dividers with pockets for frequently used tools -Back with soft lining for easy and comfortable transport -Separate storage spaces..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560342975
Closed Shell Fiberglass Tape Measure 30m x 13mm STANLEY 0-34-297 A tape measure with an impact-resistant ABS shell, designed to withstand the most adverse conditions of use. Perforated on the back to facilitate tape cleaning. Features: Reinforced fiberglass tape: greater strength and reduced elong..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560825645
Amperemeter Digital STANLEY 600A CAT III FMHT82564-0 FATMAX The ammeter has a 2-line light display for easy reading of two values at the same time. Features: -Category: CAT III 600V -DC V max: 600V -AC V max: 600V -Resistance: 10MΩ -Frequency: 3KHZ < br>-Continuity:..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 325360420871
STANLEY 0-42-087 49CM Digital Spirit Level-Protractor with Angle Features: -Digital spirit level with 40cm angle -LCD screen -Angular measurement from 0° to 180° -Horizontal and vertical eyes -Anodized aluminum profile -Precision measurement ± 0.1º..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560840013
Electrician's Pliers 180MM STANLEY 0-84-001 MAXSTEEL Pliers for electricians with insulation 180mm Pliers 1000V special for professional use..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560744540
Straight Electrician's Pliers Length 180mm STANLEY STHT0-74454 -Pliers with metal jaws and handle for long life -Induction hardened jaws for greater performance -Soft handles for comfort and grip even with greasy hands -New Dynagrip with control grip provides comfort and reduces hand fatigue -Finge..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560101503
STANLEY 0-10-150 9mm Blade Width Falcheta Chisel -Blade Cutter Included -Blade Guide with Multi-Position Button -Synthetic Body Opens for Quick Replacement llama..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561054105
Fork Type A 5/53/530 10mm STANLEY 1000 Pieces 1-TRA206T..
Ex Tax:1.85€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561055140
Fork Type A 5/53/530 12mm STANLEY 1000 Pieces 1-TRA208T..
Ex Tax:1.77€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561053887
Fork Type A 5/53/530 6mm STANLEY 1000 Pieces 1-TRA204T..
Ex Tax:1.61€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561053894
Fork Type A 5/53/530 8mm STANLEY 1000 Pieces 1-TRA205T..
Ex Tax:1.69€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253566056388
Hand nailer STANLEY 6-TR35..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 32535600102531
Knife STANLEY INOX 0-10-253 13mm Features: -Frame knife with hidden lock -Tested steel- Guaranteed durability -Hidden lock - Secure retention of the blade - Thumb slot for easy opening -440C stainless steel – Stainless and durable -Titanium coated blade..
Ex Tax:9.68€
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560102548
Knife STANLEY INOX 0-10-254 With hidden lock and Belt Clip Features: -Knife hidden lock with belt clip slot -Tested steel- Guaranteed durability -Belt clip - For easy and convenient storage -Concealed lock – Secure blade hold -Thumb slot for easy opening -440C stainless steel – Stainless and durabl..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560104184
Knife with Split Blade 18 mm STANLEY Dynagrip 0-10-418 Stainless steel base and blade guide. Ergonomic handle made of flexible elastomer. Blade engagement washer for greater safety when cutting...
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253566060514
STANLEY 6-TR150L Light Duty Nailer -Lightweight -Can be used for decorative work -Use with forks and nails -Easy access fork holder reduces time required for recharge -Release mechanism -Easy press handle for easier storage -Aluminum construction fork holder for longer life..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 747752021104
Matikapi STANLEY 02-110..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561198007
Plastic miter box STANLEY 1-19-800 -Plastic miter box equipped with a unique saw storage system. -Opening for fixing to the workbench. -Shock-resistant ABS body. -Three cutting angles: 45°, 90° and 22.5° for octagonal frames. -Available with a saw...
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560898663
STANLEY 160MM Pliers 0-89-866 -Multiple Uses - Industrial, Construction, Automotive and DIY -Compliant with all DIN, ISO and ANSI Standards -Durability and Longevity - Heat Treated forged chrome alloy steel -Polished head -FatMax® handles resistant to most common chemicals -Ergonomic - Protective f..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561947384
5-Position Metal Hand Tool Box W45xW20.8xH20.8cm STANLEY 1-94-738 -Easy to use: When opened, offers direct access to all sections -Safe: Handle with finger protection system -Comfortable: Rounded handle -Can be locked with a padlock (not included) -Supplied without tools -Dimensions 20.8 x 20.8 x 4..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 0009015
Electrician Straight Screwdriver STANLEY FAT MAX 2.5X50 0-65-006 Features: -Coloring on its tip makes it easier to choose the right screwdriver according to the type of screw. -The soft dome of the finish allows for faster rotation offering speed and comfort to the user. -Sandblasted tip for impro..
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Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253560692537
Set Allen STANLEY 10 Pieces..
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Set With Bits And Magnetic Ratchet STANLEY 1/4'' 25mm 39PCS 1-13-906
Brand: STANLEY Model: 3253561139062
Set With Bits And Magnetic Ratchet STANLEY 1/4'' 25mm 39PCS 1-13-906 Package Contents: Straight: 4.5-5.5-6.5-8mm. Phillips: PH1-PH2-PH3. Pozidriv: PZ1-PZ2-PZ3. Hexagonal: 3-4-5-6mm. Torx: T8-T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40. Tamperproof Torx: T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40. 1/4" Nuts: 6-7-8-10-11-12-13 mm..
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