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Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105452086
Antifreeze & Antithermal Liquid For Solar Water Heaters NEW LINE 1L 90104 ADVANTAGES New technology product with propylene glycol Anticorrosive agent product Contains antirust and preservative additives. Safe for the user and the environment. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Propy frost is an anti..
Ex Tax:8.06€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031898
Cast Iron Square Stove GAVRILAS OM1 GREEN MADE Dimensions: 75/31/27 Weight: 65 Performance Degree % : 60 Thermal Power kw: 8 < br>Pipe diameter: 120..
Ex Tax:305.65€
Cleaning liquid for fireplaces - grills - barbecues NEW LINE 90100 500ml
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105450150
Cleaning Liquid For Fireplaces - Grills - Barbecues NEW LINE 90100 500ml ADVANTAGES Immediately effective on dried stains. Complete removal of carbon, fats and oils PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Strong, alkaline product for fireplaces or barbecues lined with firebricks or cast iron. Effectively rem..
Ex Tax:4.27€
Cleaning Liquid For Glass Fireplaces & Stoves NEW LINE 90312 500ml
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105451638
Cleaning Liquid For Glass Fireplaces & Stoves NEW LINE 90312 Immediately effective on dried stains Removes deposits from smoke and charcoal. PROPERTIES-APPLICATIONS: Strong alkaline product for glass additions to fireplaces or stoves. Removes stubborn stains and smoke and carbon deposits easily a..
Ex Tax:3.71€
Model: 1004830
Dadi Natural Lighter 2kg..
Ex Tax:4.03€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031892
Enamel Wood Stove with Hearth GAVRILAS M5 Dimensions: 69/81.5/54 Weight: 65 Efficiency Degree %: 82 Thermal Power kw: 10 Pipe diameter: 120..
Ex Tax:342.74€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031893
Enamel Wood Stove with Hearth GAVRILLAS M7 Characteristics: Dimensions: 65/81/47 Weight: 55 Efficiency Degree %: 82 Thermal Power kw: 10 Pipe diameter: 120..
Ex Tax:310.48€
Model: 5205636078972
Farasi Takiou 78972..
Ex Tax:3.06€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105450921
Fireplace Chimney Cleaning Log NEW LINE 90701 1kg ADVANTAGES Offers better maintenance of the chimney from tar residues during the period when the fireplace is burning. Contributes to the regulation of better air circulation inside the chimney. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: It consists of wood briqu..
Ex Tax:7.50€
Model: 0031936
Fireplace Tool Set -Sturdy Construction -4 Tools..
Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909030706
2000W Floor Heater with Electronic Thermostat 96x47cm BORMANN BEH5050 BORMANN ELITE Floor Heating Panel -2 Power Settings 1000W/2000W -LED Display -24 Hour Timer -Adjustable Digital Thermostat -Overheating Protection -With Remote Control -Aluminum Heating Element "X-Shape" -Stop Operation in Accide..
Ex Tax:76.61€
GAVRILAS M1 Cast Iron Stove And Hearth
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031890
AVAILABLE SAME DAY AFTER ORDER Stofa Stofa M1 Cast Iron GREEN MADE Features: -Dimensions: 76/87/55 -Weight: 76 -Performance Degree %:82 -Thermal Power Kw:10 -Pipe Diameter: Φ120..
Ex Tax:370.97€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031891
Stofa Fabric M2 Cast Iron GREEN MADE Characteristics: -Dimensions: 75.5/85/53 -Weight: 78 -Efficiency Degree %: 82 - Thermal Power kw: 10 -Pipe Diameter: 120..
Ex Tax:387.10€
Brand: UNIMAC Model: 1004840
Pellet stove UNIMAC 7.8kW 661255 Bordeaux Powerful Pellet stove 7.8 kW with great heating efficiency Even, stable, perfect combustion With digital function panel Comes with remote control Rated power ( kW): 7.8 Consumption (Kg/h): 0.6 - 1.7 Capac. ten (kg): 18 Autonomy (h): 28 Chimney outlet (mm): ..
Ex Tax:845.97€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909030386
BORMANN BEH6100 Quartz Heater 2200W -4 Quartz Heating Elements -Wheels for Easy Transport -Protection in Case of Accidental Drop -Adjustable Thermostat -1.8 m Supply Cable < br>-2 power settings 1.100W/2.200W..
Ex Tax:47.58€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909030393
Quartz Stove with Thermostat 2200W BORMANN BEH7200 Quartz Heater by BORMANN ELITE 4 Heating Quartz Elements. Wheels for Easy Transport. Protection in Case of Accidental Fall. Adjustable Thermostat. 1.8 m of Supply Cable...
Ex Tax:47.58€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0032187
Luxury Square Wood Stove GAVRILAS Th7 Enamel GREEN MADE Features: -Dimensions: 72.5/32/42 -Weight: 44 - Degree of Efficiency % : 79 -Thermal Power kw : 8 -Pipe Diameter : Φ120..
Ex Tax:173.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909037385
BORMANN BEH9005 Mushroom Stove Features: -Power kWatt: 11 -Power Watt: 11kW -Product dimensions cm: 46.5x46.5x82 -Height m: 2.19 -Box Dimensions cm: 46.5x46.5x82 -Pieces/box: 1 -Package Weight Kg: 15 LPG Consumption: 800g/h (G30) Accidental Protection Drop Dimensions 82x219cm..
Ex Tax:160.48€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0034295
Stove with Oven SA320 Steel GREEN MADE Characteristics: -Dimensions: 48.5/43.5/91.5 -Weight: 94 -Efficiency Degree %: 79.5 -Thermal power kw: 12.23 -Pipe diameter: Φ150 -Oven dimensions: 32/36/19..
Ex Tax:395.16€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0042451
AVAILABLE SAME DAY AFTER ORDER Wood Stove SA100 Steel GREEN MADE Features: -Dimensions: 47.5/38/75.5 -Weight: 54 -Degree of Efficiency %: 79.62 -Thermal Power kw:10.42 -Pipe Diameter: Φ150..
Ex Tax:338.71€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0032036
Wood Stove SA200 Steel GREEN MADE Characteristics: -Dimensions: 69/41/79.5 -Weight: 85 -Performance degree%: 77.18 -Thermal Power kw: 15.07 -Pipe Diameter: Φ150..
Ex Tax:427.42€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0036238
GAVRILAS SA 50 Wood Stove Steel Characteristics: Dimensions: 73/36/37 Efficiency Degree %: 78.1 Thermal Power kw: 7.6 Pipe diameter: Φ120..
Ex Tax:241.94€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031895
Wood Stove Round Large Th1 Enamel GREEN MADE Characteristics: -Dimensions: 70/Diameter 43.5 -Weight: 50 -Efficiency Degree %:80 -Thermal Power Kw: 12 -Pipe Diameter: Φ120..
Ex Tax:193.55€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0031894
Wood Stove Round Medium Th2 Enamel Characteristics: -Dimensions: 68/ Diameter 34.5 -Weight: 30 -Efficiency Degree %: 80 -Thermal Power kw: 11 -Pipe diameter: Φ120..
Ex Tax:169.35€
Brand: ΓΑΒΡΙΛΑΣ Model: 0034296
Wood Stove With Oven GAVRILAS M9 Enamel..
Ex Tax:370.97€
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