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Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105452086
Antifreeze & Antithermal Liquid For Solar Water Heaters NEW LINE 1L 90104 ADVANTAGES New technology product with propylene glycol Anticorrosive agent product Contains antirust and preservative additives. Safe for the user and the environment. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Propy frost is an anti..
Ex Tax:4.68€
Cleaning liquid for fireplaces - grills - barbecues NEW LINE 90100 500ml
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105450150
Cleaning Liquid For Fireplaces - Grills - Barbecues NEW LINE 90100 500ml ADVANTAGES Immediately effective on dried stains. Complete removal of carbon, fats and oils PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Strong, alkaline product for fireplaces or barbecues lined with firebricks or cast iron. Effectively rem..
Ex Tax:3.39€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105451638
Cleaning Liquid For Glass Fireplaces & Stoves NEW LINE 90312 Immediately effective on dried stains Removes deposits from smoke and charcoal. PROPERTIES-APPLICATIONS: Strong alkaline product for glass additions to fireplaces or stoves. Removes stubborn stains and smoke and carbon deposits easily a..
Ex Tax:2.74€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105450921
Fireplace Chimney Cleaning Log NEW LINE 90701 1kg ADVANTAGES Offers better maintenance of the chimney from tar residues during the period when the fireplace is burning. Contributes to the regulation of better air circulation inside the chimney. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: It consists of wood briqu..
Ex Tax:4.11€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105451096
Grill Cleaner 500ml NEW LINE 90181 ADVANTAGES Ready to use with dosing pump spray. Suitable for professionals in the field of HO.RE.CA Immediately effective on dried stains, complete removal of fats and oils. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Strong alkaline cleaning liquid, ideal for removing grease..
Ex Tax:3.39€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105452017
Laminate Floor Cleaner 1L NEW LINE 90950 ADVANTAGES No need to rinse. It has fast action and evaporation. Does not penetrate floor coverings. It is a special cleaner for hydrophobic floors. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Special care cleaner for laminate floors and other synthetic and laminated..
Ex Tax:3.34€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 5200105450006
Marble Cleaner NEW LINE 1L 90003 ADVANTAGES Removes difficult stains and rust without scrubbing. Restores weathered marbles to their original appearance. PROPERTIES & APPLICATIONS: Strong acid cleaner for polished WHITE marbles. Instantly effective with minimal rubbing. Removes stubborn stains f..
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