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Pruning shears

Anvil PowerGear (L) L77 Long Handle Pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501125804
The Fiskars Anvil powergear (L) L77 long-handled pruner is a full-sized pruner for larger cutting tasks such as cutting thick tree branches up to 5cm.• Extremely light thanks to the handles by FiberComp®• For branches up to 5cm• Work comfortably thanks to the light plastic handles reinforced with fi..
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Ex Tax:62.92€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280651600
ARS CB-9 Pruning Shears ARS CB-9 Pruning Shears have an overall length of 225mm. Its blade is made of hardened Japanese steel, this ensures that the scissors will not rust. It is equipped with a safety lock that allows it to be used with one hand. The scissors are extremely light, only 230gr and a..
Ex Tax:24.03€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679383
ARS VS-8XZ Branch Shears Features: -Cutting diameter: 22mm -Ergonomic handle -Intelligent locking mechanism -Blade: steel (blades are treated with hard chrome plating for resistance to rust/corrosion) -Weight: 220gr..
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Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679512
ARS VS-9XZ Branch Shears..
Ex Tax:25.48€
Brand: NAKAYAMA Model: 5205909053088
21V/2Ah Battery Pruning Shears with Maximum Cutting Diameter 40mm NAKAYAMA EC1400 Set mAh Battery Size: 21V/2Ah Motor Type: 1050W Brushless Working Time: 2-3 hours Cutting Diameter Φ mm: 0-30/0-40mm Charging Time: 2-3 hours Includes: Case, Charger, Battery Package Weight Kg: 1.9KG..
Ex Tax:136.29€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 5204396770485
BENMAN 77048 Grass Shears..
Ex Tax:6.94€
Brand: ARS Model: 4965280679390
ARS VS-8R Branch Shears With Swivel Handle Hand-held pruning shears with a curved blade and aluminum handles, suitable for shrubs, flowers, thin branches as well as light gardening work in the garden and terrace. The scissors are equipped with a safety clip. Features: -Total length of scissors: 20..
Ex Tax:29.03€
Brand: BACHO Model: 7311518275525
Branch Shears BACHO P108-23..
Ex Tax:28.23€
ByPass L28 Single Step S pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501121608
The Fiskars ByPass L28 single step S pruner is a useful alternative for anyone who wants to keep their bushes and trees in excellent condition.• Cutting diameter for branches up to 35mm.< br>• Stainless steel body: Strong corrosion-resistant mechanism thanks to the stainless steel body.• Sharp Tip: ..
36.66€ 39.00€
Ex Tax:29.56€
ByPass L38 Single Step L pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501124609
The ByPass L38 single step L pruner by Fiskars is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a large and robust pruner for larger branches up to 4cm.• Cutting diameter for branches up to 40mm.< br>• Stainless steel body: Strong corrosion-resistant mechanism thanks to the stainless steel body.• Sharp T..
41.36€ 44.00€
Ex Tax:33.35€
Bypass PowerGear scissor (S) L72 long handle pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501122001
Fiskars's long-handled Bypass powergear scissor (S) L72 is a small but handy cutting solution. Like other members of its family, it features handles made of FiberComp™ to make them extremely light and strong. The patented PowerGear™ mechanism ensures that the cutting power of this hand tool is 3 tim..
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Brand: BELLOTA Model: 8414299091328
Grass shears BELLOTA 23555..
Ex Tax:14.68€
HS22 Single Step Edging Shears
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501147301
The Fiskars HS22 Single Step Edging Shear is a great addition to any user's toolkit when it comes to trimming shrubs. These garden shears incorporate comfortable and sturdy handles made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (PPGF), while their reinforced steel blades with a wavy profile and a fric..
36.66€ 39.00€
Ex Tax:29.56€
HS86 Smart Fit edging shears
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501148001
Fiskars HS86 Smart Fit Edging Shears is a handy garden shears for trimming bushes both high and low. For taller shrubs, most gardeners use a ladder, but this telescoping feature on the lopper gives you the extra height to reach them. Shrub trimming will never be the same thanks to the clever additio..
69.56€ 74.00€
Ex Tax:56.10€
Multipurpose scissors SP-320
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6424002014683
Use the multipurpose scissors to conveniently cut fabric, wire, netting and more. Preparing and maintaining the garden in good condition depends on many tasks that require the use of powerful blades. This versatile tool features fully hardened precision stainless steel blades that cut right to the e..
24.44€ 26.00€
Ex Tax:19.71€
Plus™ Bypass Pruner P531
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501111159
Fiskars Plus™ Bypass P531 Metal Pruner.• Ergonomic and durable for easy cutting on stems and branches.• Maximum cutting diameter up to 24mm.• Fully hardened with precision steel blade that stays sharp for a long time.• The low-friction coating on the blades allows it to resist rust and improves its ..
29.14€ 31.00€
Ex Tax:23.50€
Power Gear X HSX92 Edging Shears
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501140067
Fiskars Power Gear X HSX92 hedge trimmer is light, durable and offers 3 times easier pruning for your garden shrubs.• PowerGear mechanism gives 3 times easier pruning.• Lightweight and durable, PTFE-coated blades.• Ergonomic and comfortable SoftGrip™ shock-absorbing handles.• Backed by a 25-year fac..
65.80€ 70.00€
Ex Tax:53.06€
PowerGear™ (L) L78 Long Handle Pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501125903
The Fiskars PowerGear™ (L) L78 Long Handle Pruner is great for tree pruning. It features handles made from FiberComp™ to make the tool extremely light and strong, while SoftGrip™ covered handles increase comfort. The patented PowerGear™ mechanism makes cutting 3 times easier compared to standard mec..
82.72€ 88.00€
Ex Tax:66.71€
PowerGear™ (S) L70 Long Handle Pruner
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501121905
The Fiskars PowerGear™ (S) L70 Long Handle Pruner is a small and handy pruner used for smaller branches. Like the other members of its family, it features handles made of FiberComp™ to make them extremely light and strong. The patented PowerGear™ mechanism makes cutting 3 times easier compared to st..
48.88€ 52.00€
Ex Tax:39.42€
PowerLever™ HS52 Edging Shears
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501967503
The Fiskars PowerLever™ HS52 Hedge Trimmer is a great solution for all your hedge trimming needs. In addition, the robust lever mechanism that allows efficient cutting of bushes, ensures longevity and carefree use of the tool. The blades are made of extremely hard and corrosion-resistant steel (CrMo..
43.24€ 46.00€
Ex Tax:34.87€
Pruner Pro Pruner P90
-7 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 8008220029629
Fiskars Pro Pruner P90 wire cutter.• Adjustable nut tightening for precision pruning.• Blade with non-stick coating, coated with synthetic fluoropolymer for less friction between blades. • Blade geometry optimizes cutting in dense vegetation and facilitates quick trimming. • Maximum cutting diameter..
39.48€ 42.50€
Ex Tax:31.84€
Pruner with telescopic long handles ByPass L86 SmartFit
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501125002
The Fiskars L86 SmartFit Telescopic Long Handle Pruner ensures easy cutting of trees both high and low thanks to its telescopic handle extension system. With this specific pruner, your back will not be strained if you want to cut branches at a lower height.• Maximum cutting length from 66.5 to 91.5 ..
71.44€ 76.00€
Ex Tax:57.61€
Replacement inner rope and strap for UP82
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501150349
Spare part for Fiskars UPX82 Top Pruner. Includes an inner rope and a strap.Replacement inner rope and strap for UP82Model:MAINTENANCE - REPAIRAdditional information:Product dimensions • Length: 27 cm• Width: 17 cm• Height: 2.6 cm• Weight: 110 grams..
23.50€ 25.00€
Ex Tax:18.95€
Scissors Cuts + More Sp-341
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6424002014690
With the Cuts + More SP-341 scissors from Fiskars you can cut many materials found in your garden such as fertilizer bags, landscaping fabrics and more. This versatile tool features ergonomically sculpted handles and fully reinforced precision steel blades that cut right to the edge and stay sharp u..
31.96€ 34.00€
Ex Tax:25.77€
Scissors S92 Classic Garden series 18cm
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501110305
Fiskars's 18cm classic garden shears S92 is the smallest member of the family of general purpose garden shears, but still an invaluable addition to your garden toolbox. With its super hard stainless steel blades and serrated edge, it can cut and prune herbs or even double as bonsai shears. Its ergon..
27.26€ 29.00€
Ex Tax:21.98€
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