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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909030799
Monoblock Air Compressor 24L BORMANN BAT5020 Features: -Voltage V: 230 -Pieces/box: 1 -Power Hp: 2.5 -Air Supply L/min: 239 < br>-Pressure bar: 10 -Capacity Lt: 24 -Product dimensions LxWxH: 61.5x64x26cm..
Ex Tax:176.61€
Brand: FF GROUP Model: 5204396465893
Professional Air Compressor With Belt FF GROUP AC-B 90 4Mc Pro 46589 General Features: -Oil-lubricated, piston air compressor with belt for professional use -Cylinder made of cast iron for better cooling and durability -Pressure regulator with compressed air outlet and overload protection -Intake ..
Ex Tax:399.19€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 000178
150PSI Car Pump with 12V Cigarette Lighter Cable BORMANN BAP1200 Heavy Duty Car Air Compressor from BORMANN 5m Air Hose 3m Power Cable Max Working Pressure: 150psi Maximum Continuous Operating Time: 40 Minutes Recommended on/off Cycle: 20/30 Minutes..
Ex Tax:36.29€
Brand: FF GROUP Model: 5204396472440
Oil Air Compressor Monobloc 50 lt FF GROUP AC-D 250 EASY with 2 Hp 47244 -Factory code : AC-D 250 EASY 47244 -Nominal Voltage : 230 V / 50 Hz -Power : 2 Hp -Nominal revolutions: 2850 rpm -Maximum pressure: 8 bar / 115 PSI -Maximum air flow: 200 Lt/min -Airbox: 24 Lt -Cable: 1 .5 m -Weight: 32.0 Kg ..
Ex Tax:184.68€
Brand: FF GROUP Model: 5204396458987
Monoblock Oil Compressor FF GROUP AC-D 50 2MC Easy 2Hp 50lt 45898 -Dual compressed air outlet -Oil lubrication -Ergonomic handle -Large wheels -Front treads for greater support -Ideal for individuals -Nominal voltage: 230 V -Power: 2 hp -Nominal speed: 2850 min⁻¹ -Maximum pressure : 8 / 115 bar /..
Ex Tax:157.26€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430228963
Compressed Air Ratchet METABO DRS 68 set 1/2” 604119500 -Easy adjustment of the direction of rotation on the head of the ratchet -Compact design -For all tasks that require screwing: e.g. of car repairs, metal constructions, etc. -Ergonomic fwd / rev switch -Partially coated with non-slip rubber su..
Ex Tax:83.87€
Brand: KRAFT Model: 1002894
Single Stage Single Phase Pressurized Water System with Kraft JET 100M/24L 20 Liter Tank 1hp Characteristics: Power: 750 W Voltage: 230 V/ 50 Hz Delivery: 4200 lt/h ( max.) Manometric: 50 m Orifice: 1″ Container: 20 Lt..
Ex Tax:120.16€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209301
They have drainage, air filter, female outlet with a ¼'' button...
Ex Tax:170.10€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209302
They have a drain, internal thermal protection with a reset button, one female push-button outlet and one screw - Amateur use...
Ex Tax:137.90€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209300
They have a carrying handle, an air filter, a female outlet with a ¼'' button - For amateur use...
Ex Tax:109.90€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209313
Includes fuel pump, 5m hose, paint gun, paint can, tire air gun, air gun...
Ex Tax:35.00€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209314
Hose very light and durable - For supplying air to pruning and pneumatic machines..
Ex Tax:54.60€
Brand: MIYAKE Model: 209315
Hose very light and durable - For supplying air to pruning and pneumatic machines..
Ex Tax:84.70€
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