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Brand: METABO Model: 4007430229274
METABO Angle Wheel 720W 125mm 60672600 -Slim motor housing for better handling -Strong and wear-resistant motor -High overload resistance -Sturdy cast aluminum mechanism housing < br> Characteristics: -Sanding discs Ø (mm) : 125 -Nominal power (W) : 720 -Power output (W) : 430 -Max. torque (Nm) : 1..
Ex Tax:70.14€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430240194
Case With Bits and Nuts METABO 26 Pieces 626701000 -S2 bits, L25mm (18 pcs): PH1, PH2, PH3, PZ1, PZ2, PZ3, H3, H4, H5, H6, T10, T15, T 20, T25, T30, SL4, SL5.5, SL6.5 -Nuts (6 pcs): 1/4", 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm -1 x extension - 1 x Ratchet..
Ex Tax:24.11€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430240897
Breaker Drill METABO KIE 2444 800W 606157000 -High-performance impact mechanism precisely mounted in an aluminum alloy housing: long life and durability -Impact stop function for drilling in rotary mode only - Spin stop -CW and counter-clockwise operation -Electronic soft start for accurate drillin..
Ex Tax:182.26€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430241150
Sander METABO SXE 3125 310W 600443000 -Light, easy-to-use sander with perfect ergonomics -Excellent surface treatment for sanding the material without the formation of rings and grooves for the professional. -Non-slip rubber coating of the handle for shock absorption -Solid bearing flange made of c..
Ex Tax:129.03€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430327406
Drill driver METABO BS 18 L 602321870 Powerful drill driver with compact design for demanding tasks. Mobile workshop: plastic carrying case with a wide range of accessories for drilling, screwdriving and more. Integrated work lamp. With a practical belt hook, it can be fixed on either the right or ..
Ex Tax:209.68€
Brand: METABO Model: 0006325
Drill METABO ΒΕ 250 R+L 600255001 -Compact, light tool with a single housing for long-lasting use -Electronic system Variospeed (V) -CW and anti-clockwise operation -Spindle with internal hex for screwdriver bits..
Ex Tax:125.81€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430203380
Drill METABO BE 6 450W 600132810 Electronic system Variospeed (V). Clockwise and counter-clockwise operation. Rubber-coated handle: anti-vibration, comfortable and safe. Characteristics: -Power (W): 450 -Max. torque (Nm) : 7 -Dia. of drilling in Xaliva (mm) : 6 -Dia. of drilling in Wood (mm) : 12 ..
Ex Tax:76.61€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430318251
Drill Set SP METABO 20 Pieces 626729000..
Ex Tax:24.03€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430203748
Excavator Rotary Gun METABO KHE 2444 606154000 -Impact stop function for drilling only in rotary mode -Rotary stop -CW and counter-clockwise operation -Electronic Variospeed (V) system -Metabo S-automatic safety clutch to limit any reverse torque that may occur ) :370 -Impact efficiency (J/s) :171..
Ex Tax:108.87€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430235206
Heatsinks 5x10 METABO N137..
Ex Tax:16.64€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430283801
Impact Drill METABO SBE 650W 600671000 Electronic system Variospeed (V) Rotary speed adjustment knob CW and counter-clockwise operation Spindle with internal hexagon for screwdriver bits Features : Code : 600671000 Nominal power (W) :650 Effective power (W) :320 Max. torque (Nm) :9 Maximum number ..
Ex Tax:68.39€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430300492
INOX METABO Cutting Disc Φ125x1x22.23mm..
Ex Tax:1.21€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430183651
Saw METABO STEB 80 Quick 590W 601041500 Metabo Quick - keyless quick change of cutting disc Low-mounted cutting disc support cylinder Rubber curved handle Blower device for visibility at the cutting point Electronic Variospeed (V) system for variable reciprocation Rotary knob for adjusting the numbe..
Ex Tax:124.11€
Brand: METABO Model: 4061792153509
SET METABO Angle Wheel 750W 125mm + 3 Cutting Discs 603605680 Features: -Grinding discs Ø 125 mm -Nominal power 750 W -Power output 475 W -Number of revolutions no load 1500 rpm -Nominal load speed 7000 rpm -Torque 1.9 Nm -Spindle thread M 14 -Weight (without power cable) 1.8 kg -Length 2.5 m cable..
Ex Tax:51.61€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430228109
METABO Bits Set 8 Pieces 630419000 Features: -Tips made of chrome vanadium steel (S2 quality). -Color-coded for quick and easy finding of the right tip...
Ex Tax:6.77€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430083111
METABO Ceramic Cutting Disc Φ115x1.5x22.23mm 616195000..
Ex Tax:1.64€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430172006
METABO diamond disc Φ125x22.23mm 624307000..
Ex Tax:7.50€
Brand: METABO Model: 0028986
METABO FSX200 Grip Sander 609225500 Features: -General purpose for sanding flat and curved surfaces, wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, steel sheets -Light and easy-to-use machine for comfortable handling with one hand. Ideal for aerial work -Very good weight-performance ratio -Pulls protected fro..
Ex Tax:62.90€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430175816
METABO HSS-R Drill Set 19 Pieces 627151000 -Tip drill made of high-quality and high-speed steel according to DIN 338 standard, cylindrical, right-hand cutting, type N -Cylindrical shank, ground tip 118o < br>-Black color -Suitable for drilling in steel, non-ferrous metals, in alloy and non-alloy st..
Ex Tax:8.39€
METABO INOX Cutting Disc Φ230x1.9x22.23mm 616185
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430210432
METABO INOX Cutting Disc Φ230x1.9x22.23mm 616185..
Ex Tax:2.34€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430433947
METABO Iron Cutting Disc Φ180x3x22.23mm..
Ex Tax:1.80€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430433961
METABO Iron Cutting Disc Φ230x3x22.23mm..
Ex Tax:3.02€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430434029
METABO Sanding Disc 125x6x22.23mm 616462000..
Ex Tax:1.54€
Brand: METABO Model: 4007430088918
METABO Sanding Disc 230x6x22.23mm 616468000..
Ex Tax:3.15€
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