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Agitators for Drills

Brand: BENMAN Model: 5204396717961
BENMAN 10mm Mortar Stirrer 71796 -Model: LX70S -Diameter: 70mm -Length: 400mm -Stirring Capacity: 0-15kg -Revolutions/Min: 600-700 -Agitator Watts: 700 -Code: 71796..
Ex Tax:5.56€
Brand: LOGIOS Model: 5204396336605
Mortar Stirrer 100X60MM -Easy to install -Sturdy enough in use..
Ex Tax:4.02€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 1003064
Paint Stirrer BENMAN 71795 M14 Features: -Model: MKN -Diameter: 120mm -Length: 590mm -Stirring capacity: 15-25kg -Turns/ minute: 400-600 -WATT of stirring tool: 1000..
Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 1003063
Paint Stirrer BENMAN 71966 LX120M M14 Features: -Model: LX120M -Diameter: 120mm -Length: 590mm -Stirring Capacity: 15-25kg -Turns /Minute: 600-700 -Agitator WATT: 700..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Brand: TECHBOSS Model: 5205636002229
TECHBOSS 100x60mm Mortar Mixer 100X60mm Mortar Mixer -Easy to install -Sturdy enough in use..
Ex Tax:1.96€
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