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Brand: TKK Model: 3838437511823
Acrylic Putty Gray TEKADOM 300ml 51182 Easy to apply. Does not slip on vertical joints. Excellent adhesion to porous materials. Can be colored. It is resistant to atmospheric conditions, aging and UV rays. Can be used to seal wet surfaces. Does not contain solvents. Elasticity up to 15%...
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Brand: TKK Model: 3838437504320
Acrylic Putty TEKADOM White 280ml..
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Controlled Expansion Polyurethane Gun Foam 750ml TEKAPUR 46392
Brand: TKK Model: 3838437463924
Controlled Expansion Polyurethane Gun Foam 750ml TEKAPUR 46392 Volume: 40-45L (Free Fill) Setting Time: 5-10 min Cutting Time: 20-25min Hardening Time: 1.5- 5h Therm. Resistance: -40C to +90C 750ml tube Certification: EN13501(F)..
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Brand: TKK Model: 3838437466208
Low Expansion Polyurethane Gun Foam 750ml TEKAPUR 46443 Tekapur Low Expansion Polyurethane Gun Foam. Used for fixing, welding and sealing building materials such as window sills, stairs or decorative battens. After application, the foam has extremely low meta-expansion and adheres to surfaces very ..
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