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Insulating / Sealing Materials

Brand: PENOSIL Model: 4742232003515
PENOSIL GUN 750ml Beto Welding Foam -Expandable, fast curing polyurethane foam -Excellent adhesion & fill ability -Fungus resistant, waterproof, paintable -Mature foam is rigid and can cut, shape and sand -Adheres to almost all construction materials, except polyethylene, Teflon, silicone and surfa..
Ex Tax:5.16€
Brand: SMAP-PRO Model: 5210040546757
Map Gas Propane Bottle – Map Pro -Map Gas Propane Bottle – Map Pro. -New generation Gas (Propane) Map-Pro for torches, which replaces MAPP. -Develops higher heat. -Suitable for welding...
Ex Tax:6.77€
Brand: PENOSIL Model: 4743307147455
Polystyrene Bonding Foam PENOSIL GUN 750ml -Foam glue for fixing insulation boards -Strong bonding on stone wool, bricks, wood, concrete, different construction panels -For heat insulation and sound insulation..
Ex Tax:5.16€
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