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Brand: GEOTEC Model: 0003012
GEOTEC GTE 420 14HP Wedge Gasoline Engine GEOTEC GTE 420 14HP Wedge Engine New, high-performance 14.0 hp engine Low emissions, according to international standards Low fuel consumption ON / OFF switch Oil sensor Features: -Displacement: 420 cm3 -Max Power: 14 hp -Axle type : Wedge < br>-Valve Po..
Ex Tax:224.19€
Brand: GEOTEC Model: 0003010
Gasoline engine GEOTEC GTE-230E 7.5HP Features: -New, high-performance engine 7.5 hp -Ideal for use in excavators -Low emissions, according to international standards -Low fuel consumption -ON / OFF switch -Oil sensor Cubic units: 223cc Axle: Wedge Filter: Oil Weight: 16.3Kg..
Ex Tax:270.97€
Brand: GEOTEC Model: GEP905008203
Gasoline powered surface water pump from the Geotec company, suitable for use with clean water and liquids whose composition does not corrode it. It is designed to pump water even in cases where there is wind and is recommended for domestic, small irrigation uses (garden) but also for water distribu..
Ex Tax:168.55€
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