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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909043164
Blank pageTig Torch by Bormann Lite suitable with BIW1135..
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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909028260
Electric welding 200A BORMANN BIW2100 INVERTER Electric welding for welding iron. With advanced technology electronics with high performance. It has a hot-start for a smooth start to welding. The arc-force system maintains homogeneous welding in case the electrode is removed. The anti-stick stops t..
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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909028253
Electric welding BORMANN 160A BIW1700 INVERTER Electric welding for welding iron. With advanced technology electronics with high performance. Has hot-start for a smooth start to welding. The arc–force system maintains a homogeneous weld in case the electrode is removed The anti–stick stops the curr..
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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909043157
Welding BORMANN BIW1545 140A INVERTER Max.Electrode 3.2mm -Duty Cycle: 45% -Digital Display -Includes Mask And Accessories..
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Brand: GYS Model: 0006951
Welding GYS 125 FRANCE INVERTER 80A GYSMI125 Characteristics: -2.0 mm Electrode 100% efficiency -2.5 mm Electrode 60% efficiency - Welding INVERTER France 80A GYSMI125. -Contained in a heavy-duty double-bottom case with cables, grounding clamp and electrode...
Ex Tax:140.32€
Brand: GYS Model: 0006959
Welding GYS 195 FRANCE INVERTER 160A GYSMI195 Features: -3.25 Electrode 100% efficiency -Supplied with cables, ground and electrode tweezers and TIG tweezers. Recommended for welding 1-3.5 mm sheet metal. -Works PERFECTLY with a generator and has a voltage stabilizer. -It has PFC (Power Factor Corre..
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Brand: IMPERIA Model: 0041451
Welding IMPERIA PROARC INVERTER 160A Characteristics: -Performance EN 60974-10*: 160 A -Welding Current: 10-160A -Power (KVA): 7.1 -Voltage (V): 230 -Electrode max (mm): 3.25 - (4) -Weight (kg): 5.2..
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Brand: IMPERIA Model: 1001615
Welding IMPERIA TIG 202P INVERTER 200A IGBT technology, pulsed, digital parameterization with automatic saving of parameters. AC TIG with frequency adjustment, suitable for aluminum and magnesium welding. Pulse TIG for high performance in welding thin metals. With a stable arc for uniform stitchi..
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Brand: BORMANN Model: 5205909022282
Inverter Plasma Cutter From BORMANN PROState-of-the-art cutting plasma for a wide variety of cutting needs. With ergonomic handle and weight that makes it easy to move, it will cope with demanding iron cutting tasks.High Amps for Excellent Cutting Results Digital Display ScreenIncludes Accessor..
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Brand: HELIX Model: 5207500001086
Inverter / TIG welding from the manufacturer Helix, where the inverter technology enhances the performance and durability of the machine and contributes to the reduction of its weight. The TIG method is suitable for slow welding of aluminum and stainless steel that requires detailed work and does no..
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