Choosing a stove is not an easy task, as we have to take into account various technical elements

concerning the stove in relation to the space we want to heat. We will see below why to choose a wood stove

and some specific data and technical characteristics that are necessary for its selection.

Using a wood burning stove indoors provides real heat and at the same time removes moisture from the indoor atmosphere.

The heat is dissipated by both the stove and its burners, thus extending the heat emitting surface.

Depending on the material of the stove, for example cast iron or steel, the heat continues to dissipate even after the wood is burned, keeping our space warm even after the fire is extinguished.

It is one of the most economical solutions compared to other heating methods as the wood consumed is less compared to the use of the fireplace.

Finally, if you choose a stove-stofa, you can save energy by using it for everyday home cooking. Stoves-stoves usually have a built-in oven, but also cast iron eyes on the top that fire and can be very

easy to use for home cooking. Let's now look at some technical characteristics that are important for choosing your stove.

Dimensions: The size of the stove you choose does not necessarily correspond to its thermal performance. In other words, it is not certain

the fact that if you choose a large stove how will it cover a larger space compared to a smaller stove. There are several factors that go into calculating something like the thermal efficiency of any stove. In any case, the first thing you have to do is to measure based on the dimensions if the stove you want fits in the space you want to heat.

Thermal Performance : This is probably the most important technical feature you should look for in a stove. The thermal efficiency is measured in KW and the higher the thermal efficiency of the stove, the more space it can cover. There is a fairly general calculation that we use to understand if a stove is suitable for a space. It is considered that 1KW covers approximately 8 to 10m² of space. But beyond this general rule, there are other elements that we should take into account, such as height, insulation and the area where our space is located.

Construction Material: A wood stove can be made from mainly 3 materials. Steel, cast iron and enamel. Cast iron is a material that takes the longest of the three to heat up, but it is the one that can retain the heat the most after the wood is burned. On the contrary, steel and enameled material heat up much faster, but do not keep hot after burning the wood.

This information should be clear to us when choosing a wood stove to make the right choice for each space.

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