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Joint Sealant SIKA 11FC+ WHITE 300ml

Joint Sealant SIKA 11FC+ WHITE 300ml
Joint Sealant SIKA 11FC+ WHITE 300ml
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Joint Sealant SIKA 11FC WHITE 300ml

Sikaflex®-11 FC+ is a 1-component, solvent-free, joint sealer and multi-purpose adhesive with a non-hanging consistency.

-Sikaflex®-11 FC+ is a joint sealant for horizontal and vertical joints,
for sound insulation of pipes between concrete and protective casings, for sealing
partitions, for sealing seams, for sealing in metal and wooden structures and for ventilation structures.
-Sikaflex®-11 FC+ is also designed as a multi-purpose adhesive.
-It is suitable for interior and exterior applications on window sills, steps, thresholds, plasterboard and prefabricated elements.

-Does not contain silicone
-Very good adhesion to most construction materials
-No roughening of the surfaces to be welded is required
-Good mechanical strength
-Good resistance to weather effects
-Shock and vibration absorber
-Very low emissions
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