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MOST Acetylene Manometer

MOST Acetylene Manometer
MOST Acetylene Manometer
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All our regulators are adapted to process under 200 bar (20 MPa) inlet pressure and maintain outlet pressure at a constant user defined level. Determining the operating pressure is simple and accurate. Regulators meet all requirements and the ISO 2503 standard regarding safety requirements, materials used, quality control, functional characteristics and marking. The pressure gauges used meet the requirements of the PN-EN 562 standard. Located behind the pressure gauges, at the back of the regulator, the safety valve greatly increases the safety of operation. Each regulator is equipped with an exhaust valve, which facilitates the work. It only needs to be set once. The valve must remain closed when not in use.

- Type of gas: Acetylene
- Max. inlet pressure: 25 bar
- Operating pressure range: 0-1.5 bar
- Max flow: 5 m3/h
- Spiral. of the nut at the entrance : Jarzmo
- Speir. adapter pipe : G 3/8LH
- Int. Pipe diameter: 8 mm
- Single stage regulator

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