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Oil MOTUL 10W60 7100 4T 1L

Oil MOTUL 10W60 7100 4T 1L
Oil MOTUL 10W60 7100 4T 1L
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  • Model: 3374650247380
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  • EAN: 3374650247380
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MOTUL 10W60 7100 4T 1L oil

Engine oils have two main functions: The first is to reduce friction between moving parts while the second is to remove heat from the engine walls.
Oxidation numbers reveal how thick a lubricant is. It is represented by 2 numbers:
The first one with the letter "W", (Winter), refers to how the oil flows when it is cold, while the second one refers to how the oil flows when the engine is running hot.
The way of choosing an oil as well as when we change the oil in the engine, should be done with reverence and always according to the information, as defined by the manufacturer in the user manual (manual).

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