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Insect cleaner FERAL GEL 500ml 18430

Insect cleaner FERAL GEL 500ml 18430
Insect cleaner FERAL GEL 500ml 18430
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FERAL GEL Insect Cleaner 500ml 18430

-The FERAL gel insect cleaner easily removes all insect residues and
accumulated dirt from painted and plastic surfaces, chrome surfaces and windows.
-Thanks to its gel form, the product acts directly on the surface and works effectively.

Instructions for use:
-Shake the contents well and place the desired amount in the spray container you have.
-Spray evenly on the body of the car or any vehicle you wish to clean.
-Make sure the vehicle is in the shade and that it is not hot or has not been previously exposed to the sun.
-Leave the product on for at least 5 minutes and then rub lightly and rinse with a pressure washer.
-If the stains persist you can repeat the process.

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