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Oil Transfer Tank 220L WITH MOTOR AND LID

Oil Transfer Tank 220L WITH MOTOR AND LID
Oil Transfer Tank 220L WITH MOTOR AND LID
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  • Model: 0035783
  • Weight: 16.00kg
  • SKU: 220LT-M24
  • EAN: 465003100
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Oil Transport Tank 220L WITH MOTOR AND LID

Polyethylene tank for the transport of fuel, exempted from ADR according to paragraph
Also available with a power supply from a rechargeable battery.
-Integrated sockets for lifting by forklift trucks.
-Diesel fuel transfer unit.
-Rechargeable batteries in 12 or 24V, for refilling up to 550 or 1100 liters.
-Battery charger (12-24 V) for the car cigarette lighter or standard 220V socket.
-Built-in recesses for securing with ratchets and lashing straps.

The Carrytank® 220 is a tank made of linear polyethylene designed for the transport of diesel fuel. It is equipped with the following components: Filler cover with integrated vent valve, in-line filter (option), fuel transfer unit, automatic locking fuel nozzle, integrated recesses for lifting with forklift trucks (when full), lifting handles and carrying (when empty) and built-in recesses to secure lashing straps with ratchets during transport. All components are made of aluminum or materials compatible with Diesel fuel.

-Capacity: 220 liters
-Dimensions (LxWxH): 910x600x620 mm
-Empty weight (tank only): 14Kg.
-Empty weight including fuel supply unit: 24 Kg.
-Wall thickness: 5 mm.
-Aluminum filler cap, size 2", equipped with safety vent valve.
-Suction filter.
-Fuel transfer pump (12V or 24V) DC, flow rate 40 Lt / min.
- Battery power cable (4m) with clamps.
-Automatic fuel nozzle.


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