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BISON KIT petrol glue 50ml

BISON KIT petrol glue 50ml
BISON KIT petrol glue 50ml
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BISON KIT gasoline glue 50ml

-Glues immediately
-Extremely strong
-Suitable for materials under pressure
-General purpose
-Resistance to moisture and frost < br>-Simple to use
-Resistance to temperatures between -40° C and + 70° C

-Ideal for surface bonding or lamination of many materials that require direct bonding, use or processing.
-For example, it bonds wood, countertop, veneer, plastic and metal panels (HPL, Formica®), rubber, leather, cork, canvas, linoleum and polyether foam among others, to themselves as well as to many other surfaces .
-Also for repairing shoes, bags, toys and carpets, or for handicraft (hobby).

Not suitable for polystyrene foam (Tempex®), PE, PP and vinyl.

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