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Valvoline MOTUL 75W90 GEAR 1L

Valvoline MOTUL 75W90 GEAR 1L
Valvoline MOTUL 75W90 GEAR 1L
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  • : Άμεσα διαθέσιμο
  • Model: 3374650003481
  • Weight: 1.00kg
  • SKU: 111214659
  • EAN: 3374650003481
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MOTUL 75W90 GEAR 1L Valvoline

100% Synthetic Valvoline for all types of high performance racing car mechanical transmissions. Suitable for synchronized or non-synchronized gearboxes, gearboxes/differentials, sub-axles without limited slip system operating at high loads and low rpm or medium loads and high rpm.

0% shear: zero shear of the oil film under extreme conditions. Excellent lubricity resulting in reduced friction and wear. At high temperatures, the SAE 90 viscosity grade provides excellent lubrication film strength and reduces operating noise. It allows comfortable gear shifting at low temperatures. Features: -Application: transmission fluids
-Quality: 100% synthetic
-Product group: car, motorcycle
-Specifications: APIGL4 / GL5
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