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Snow Chains THULE CD-9 N102 9mm 2 Pieces

Snow Chains THULE CD-9 N102 9mm 2 Pieces
Snow Chains THULE CD-9 N102 9mm 2 Pieces
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THULE CD-9 9mm Snow Chains 2 Pieces

The anti-skid chains of the Thule company, are placed on the driving wheels of the car at the front or rear,
enhancing the grip on the road when it is covered with snow and ice.
Their placement is relatively easy but it is necessary to have tried them before so that we are familiar with their placement.

Also an important criterion in the selection of snow chains, in addition to the compatible dimension of our tire,
is also the diameter (thickness) of the chain we will choose. Usually the chains that have a thickness of 7mm, 9mm and 10mm are intended for lowered
passenger vehicles and for vehicles with low profile tires.

Tire Size:

255/30/19 255/40/17 215/65/16 265/40/17 235/45/18 225/60/16 245/40/18 255/35/18 225/40/19 235/40/19 235/50/17 245/35/19 245/45/17

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