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Snow Chains KONIG 080 2 Pieces

Snow Chains KONIG 080 2 Pieces
Snow Chains KONIG 080 2 Pieces
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  • : Άμεσα διαθέσιμο
  • Model: 8005438160809
  • Weight: 4.00kg
  • SKU: 800543816080919061
  • EAN: 8005438160809
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The ZIP 9 chain is a high quality 9mm chain for passenger cars.

The thickness of 9 mm inside and across the chain is in line with the needs of these vehicles, while the braiding of the chain increases its resistance to wear. The existence of the flexible cable allows the installation of the chain without moving your vehicle in just 3 minutes!

The manual tensioning system requires a stop to retighten the chain after a few meters of assembly. Additional links at the front of the chain allow chains to easily adapt to different tire sizes, tire brands and models, as well as tires with different levels of wear
Approvals: Ö-Norm V5117, UNI 11313


Note: It is recommended to carry out a test fitting in good weather conditions for familiarization, before fitting them in snow.

13'' 14'' 15'' 16'' 17''
205/70-13'' 185/80-14'' 185/70-15'' 195/60-16'' 205/45-17''
195/70-14'' 195/65-15'' 195/55-16'' 215/40-17''
205/65-14'' 205/60-15''

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