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SIKA 120 750ml Low Expansion Polyurethane Foam Hand

SIKA 120 750ml Low Expansion Polyurethane Foam Hand
SIKA 120 750ml Low Expansion Polyurethane Foam Hand
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SIKA 120 750ml Low Expansion Handheld Polyurethane Foam

- Sika Boom®-120 Low Expansion is a one component, controlled expansion polyurethane foam that cures with atmospheric moisture.

-For fastening, stabilization, insulation and welding of wooden stairs, window sills, etc.
-For filling joints around the perimeter of window and door frames, air conditioning units, window roller casings, etc.
-For sound insulation and thermal insulation
-For filling and sealing voids, joints and cavities
-For filling penetrations in walls
-For insulation of electrical outlets and water pipes

Advantages: < br>-Easy and accurate extraction - low consumption
-Particularly suitable for joints of small width
-Excellent fixing and stability
-Excellent adhesion, filling capacity, high thermal efficiency and sound insulation
-Retains elasticity of
-Rapid curing
-Not affected by mould, waterproof and paintable
-Good resistance to vibrations
-Returns to its original shape after compression
-Extremely limited secondary swelling
-Adheres to all construction materials including wood, concrete, metals, aluminum, aerated concrete, brick
-Cured foam hardens and can be cut, shaped and sanded
-Excellent thermal insulation
-Effective sound dampening
-No chlorofluorocarbons (CFC / HFC)
-Does not adhere to PTFE (Teflon), PE (Polyethylene) and silicone

-Store in the original, closed, sealed and indestructible package, in dry conditions, protected from direct sunlight and at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C.
-Storage above +25 °C and below +5 °C shortens the shelf life.
-The container must be stored in a vertical position!
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