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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501311733
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501334237
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501358202
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501705761
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501705754
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501334824
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501410450
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501110824
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 5905568800244
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501702166
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501311627
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Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501702173
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Anvil PowerGear (L) L77 Long Handle Pruner
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501125804
The Fiskars Anvil powergear (L) L77 long-handled pruner is a full-sized pruner for larger cutting tasks such as cutting thick tree branches up to 5cm.• Extremely light thanks to the handles by FiberComp®• For branches up to 5cm• Work comfortably thanks to the light plastic handles reinforced with fi..
78.02€ 76.00€
Ex Tax:62.92€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 1003816
BENMAN 75217 Triangle Hoe..
Ex Tax:10.00€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 5204396772489
Chopper BENMAN 77248 Without Pin..
Ex Tax:6.05€
Brand: BENMAN Model: 5204396772663
BENMAN Dikely Hoe 1kg 77226..
Ex Tax:11.53€
ByPass L28 Single Step S pruner
--2 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501121608
The Fiskars ByPass L28 single step S pruner is a useful alternative for anyone who wants to keep their bushes and trees in excellent condition.• Cutting diameter for branches up to 35mm.< br>• Stainless steel body: Strong corrosion-resistant mechanism thanks to the stainless steel body.• Sharp Tip: ..
36.66€ 36.00€
Ex Tax:29.56€
ByPass L38 Single Step L pruner
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501124609
The ByPass L38 single step L pruner by Fiskars is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a large and robust pruner for larger branches up to 4cm.• Cutting diameter for branches up to 40mm.< br>• Stainless steel body: Strong corrosion-resistant mechanism thanks to the stainless steel body.• Sharp T..
41.36€ 40.00€
Ex Tax:33.35€
Bypass Pruner M P921 Xseries Powergear
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501111210
Bypass Pruner M P921 Xseries Powergear by Fiskars• The unique PowerGear™ mechanism, multiplies the cutting power by 3 times.• Maximum cutting diameter up to 24mm• With Bypass cutting blade for clean cut on green (green) wood.• With precision steel blade that stays sharp for a long time.• Low frictio..
44.18€ 43.00€
Ex Tax:35.63€
Camping shovel - safety car
-6 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411503270007
This particular shovel from Fiskars is light and ideal for camping, for the car and for gardening. Thanks to its light construction and according to its design, this shovel floats on the water, which means that you will not lose it if you take it for example on a boat trip on the river. The plastic ..
35.72€ 38.00€
Ex Tax:28.81€
Car Shovel Solid
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501311825
All-purpose car shovel for small jobs in all seasons, Solid FISKARS. It has a sharp and sharpened edge. Easy to carry.Solid Car ShovelModel:LAND TREATMENTAdditional Information:SHOVEL AYTOKINHTOY-CAMPING SOLID..
20.68€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:16.68€
Car telescopic snow shovel - X-Series
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501410368
Lightweight snow shovel for quick and comfortable snow removal. It has easy handling thanks to its ergonomic handle and anti-slip shaft for more comfort. It also has an adjustable shaft length thanks to its telescopic handle. • With adjustable telescopic handle for easy storage. From 79.5m. reaches ..
44.18€ 43.00€
Ex Tax:35.63€
Ergo carving
--4 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501350732
Loosen the soil with the Fiskars Ergo chisel which is a durable and lightweight tool. The ergonomically shaped handle feels natural in your hand and helps reduce fatigue. The steel head with a rust-resistant coating provides long-lasting durability. The tool also incorporates a hanging hole for easy..
9.40€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:7.58€
Ergo chisel/hoe
--3 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501350749
The Fiskars Ergo Cultivator/Hoe is a useful two-in-one gardening tool for breaking up soil, digging and many other tasks. The ergonomically shaped handle feels natural in your hand and helps reduce fatigue. Steel head with rust-resistant coating provides long-lasting durability. The tool also incorp..
10.34€ 10.00€
Ex Tax:8.34€
Ergo spade
--4 %
Brand: FISKARS Model: 6411501350718
The Ergo Shovel is a compact tool with a classic Fiskars design style. Its construction makes it ideal for planting and transplanting in flower beds and other narrow spaces. Its overall FiberComp™ construction makes the tool extremely light and strong, while the material composition means that the m..
9.40€ 9.00€
Ex Tax:7.58€
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